iOS Mobile Application: MyHOME –
Home Inventory Mobile Application

The Fall 2017 update to the iPhone Operating System (iOS) has rendered the NAIC's MyHome "" mobile home inventory application inoperable. As a result we have deleted it from the Apple App Store until we are able to re-write the application, test it and submit a tool that we know will work for consumers. We are working to resolve this issue quickly. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. 

We remind consumers that a home inventory can easily be made without a smartphone.

The NAIC provides a Home Inventory Checklist (PDF) that can be printed and used as a guide. This service inturruption has no impact on Android® devices.

The NAIC recommends that you organize your list by room. For each room, make a list of valuables kept within. Remember to record items in closets or storage spaces. 

For each item simply include:

  1. Item name or description
  2. Purchase Price
  3. Date of purchase
  4. Brand Name ​(if applicable add model or serial number)

 Add photos of your items or a create a walk-through video of your property and valuables to make the record more complete.

Remember to update your inventory each year, or when you make a big purchase. Always store your home inventory off-site, at your office or in a safe-deposit box.

Taking the time to keep an inventory can make filing a claim following a disaster much easier.


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