Home Insurance: Prepare for Extreme Weather — Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Home Insurance: Prepare for Extreme Weather — Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

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Resources & Tools

Educator Resource

The NAIC created this teacher-led, financial literacy class to help driving-aged teens understand insurance basics. Download the zipped Powerpoint, handout, worksheet and quiz — everything you need for 50-minute class on an extremely important topic.

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Auto Insurance 101

As more people look to ridesharing, public transportation and eventually self-driving vehicles, consumers should rethink their auto insurance needs and options. See this education module to keep up to date with recent changes to auto insurance and the auto insurance market.

Mobile Apps for Home & Auto

We all hope to be free of natural disasters and car accidents, but when bad luck strikes these mobile apps empower users with the information they need to submit their claims, repair and/or rebuild. And, since batteries can go out at the worst times, we offer printable versions as well.

Flood Insurance Basics

Flood Insurance Basics

Just one-inch of rain can cause $20,000 or more in damages to your property. Everyone in the U.S. is at risk and standard homeowners or renters policies don't cover flood. The NAIC's Flood Insurance Basics provides information about flood insurance and tips for renters, home and business owners.

Is Your Adult Child Moving Back Home?

Is your household about to include more than one generation of adults? If your child (or parents) are moving in, consider making a Welcome Home Contract and be sure to understand how these events can affect your insurance.

When Technology Attacks

Technological advancements make life easier. But, they can come at a cost. Every day it seems like another data breach story hits the news. As individuals and families use more technology, there is a lot at stake when it comes to protecting themselves online.