Get Smart About Retirement Security


Whether you are starting your career or counting down the days to retirement, financial and insurance planning should be a priority. Retirement security encompasses a broad spectrum of financial tools, including many insurance-related products and services. This includes life insurance and annuities, long-term care insurance and the manner in which insurance products are marketed and sold to consumers. The NAIC promotes retirement security through consumer education, consumer protection and innovation. We encourage you to get smart about insurance and your retirement security.


Retirement Planning Checklist  




Insurance education is the first and best resource for consumer protection. State insurance regulators encourage consumers to collect information, ask questions and check with their state insurance department before buying or changing policies. Insure U offers an array of tools to help consumers make smart insurance choices by providing information specific to life stage, life event or kinds of policies.


According to Consumer Reports, there is more than $1 billion in unclaimed and lost life insurance benefits in the U.S. Learn how to find a lost life insurance policy here: Finding A Lost Life Insurance Policy. You also may be able to use the Lost Life Policy Locator to search for a  misplaced policy.


The NAIC is also working to help consumers understand insurance implications of retirement planning at all life stages. Insurance and financial consideration needs vary, so we’ve created a retirement security checklist, along with the tools and resources listed below.



State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs)

SHIPs offer local, personalized counseling and assistance to people with Medicare and their families.


Consumer Alerts & Guides:


Additional Resources:

Consumer Protection


State insurance regulators diligently monitor the marketplace and address fraud and other unlawful practices affecting consumers. Working through the NAIC, regulators monitor current laws and regulations to ensure they are consistent with public policy needs. They also work with consumer advocacy groups, as well as other state and federal partners to shape policies that evolve with the ever-changing insurance marketplace.


The Center for Insurance Policy and Research:

Model Regulations:

Take Action:



The NAIC is working to identify and address areas to enhance laws and regulations to promote and encourage innovation in the insurance industry.
The association routinely holds forums for insurance regulators, consumer groups and insurance industry representatives to identify new and and/or redesigned products that are affordable and meet consumer needs.
The NAIC is also working to understand how new technologies impact consumers while also exploring how they can be used to benefit consumers and the insurance industry.


State insurance regulators serve on several NAIC committees to foster innovative laws and regulations. The NAIC is committed to responding to changes in the insurance market, exploring how to support products that best serve consumers, monitoring market regulatory process for continuous improvement and striving to ensure the availability and affordability of insurance.


These committees act to:

  • Respond to changes in the insurance market,
  • Explore how to support products that best serve consumers,
  • Monitor market regulations to find improvements, and
  • Strive to ensure insurance is available and affordable.
For more information on NAIC committee work, check out these committees:

Senior Issues Task Force

Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs Committee

 Life Policy Locator

Use the NAIC's Life Policy Locator to find unclaimed life insurance or annuity benefits.